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Plantation Shutters

We prefer to only use timber plantation shutters in dry areas to ensure stability, this refers to PVC with aluminum insert being a heavier material which can lead to excessive pressure to  your windows which can lead to damage and warping of the shutters. timber is a great insulator of temperature to keep the heating and cooling bills down. Our timber plantation shutters can have a life swap of 100 years.

Our plantation shutters are painted with non-toxic paint, which ensures that you and your family are not breathing  harmful chemicals. The main two types of timber that we use are paulownia timber and teak wood, both are a furniture grade timber and are a hardwood. another common material you see in for plantation shutters is basswood, basswood is not a hardwood and not a furniture grade timber, in some incidents basswood can become yellow which  paulownia and teak wood  never do.

The source of our timber can be found from New Zealand and from Africa, providing the richest ground of top quality timber.

In wet areas of the home we use PVC with aluminum insert, our product is not hollow, it is produced in the same factory of the timber secure plantation shutters peninsula to ensure top quality procedures.

Buying cheap and nasty plantation shutters can cost you money in the long run with paint turning yellow, falling a apart and not offering any insulation here at plantation shutters wholesale we offer a 10-year structural warranty.

Now Offering Australian Made Plantation Shutters!

they are made with PVC with a aluminum insert,they have a turn around time of 3 weeks! 

this is a  alternative of those would prefer Australia made.

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